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At Khan&Manjlai, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services tailored to meet your unique needs. With experienced and skilled attorneys, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table to help you navigate even the most complex legal matters. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation sets us apart in the legal field, and we look forward to helping you achieve success.

Business Law

At Khan & Manjlai, LLP, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the business landscape. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established corporation, our seasoned attorneys provide tailored guidance for a myriad of business-related concerns. From entity formation and corporate governance to contract negotiations and dispute resolution, we are here to navigate the complexities of business law, ensuring that your venture thrives in a legally compliant and secure environment.

Entity Formation and Structuring

Choosing the right business structure is the foundation for a successful venture. From sole proprietorships and LLCs to corporations and partnerships, our attorneys can guide you through the intricacies of each type, ensuring optimal tax implications, liability protection, and operational flexibility.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Every business transaction hinges on a solid contract. Our team specializes in drafting clear, enforceable agreements that protect your interests. From supplier agreements to customer contracts, ensure every deal you make is legally sound and beneficial.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance is vital in today’s dynamic business environment. Our experts can assist with creating robust corporate governance policies, ensuring your business remains compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re expanding through acquisition or considering a merger, our team can facilitate seamless transactions. From due diligence to negotiation and finalization, we ensure your interests remain at the forefront of any corporate restructuring.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Inevitable business disputes require swift, effective resolutions. Whether it’s through arbitration, mediation, or litigation, our team is equipped to protect your rights and find solutions that favor your business interests.

Commercial Real Estate

From lease agreements to property acquisitions, our team understands the complexities of the commercial real estate market. Navigate property transactions with confidence, knowing your legal bases are covered.

Business Financing and Securities

Raising capital or navigating securities laws can be intricate. Whether you’re seeking venture capital, issuing stock, or managing investor relations, our attorneys offer expert guidance every step of the way.

Estate Planning

Every individual, regardless of their wealth or family status, can benefit from a thoughtfully crafted estate plan. At Khan & Manjlai, LLP, our estate planning experts guide clients through the intricate process of asset protection, will drafting, trust formation, and ensuring that your wishes are honored. With our help, you can ensure a lasting legacy, minimize potential taxes, and provide peace of mind for your loved ones. We believe in crafting personalized solutions that cater to each client’s unique needs and aspirations.

Estate planning is a pivotal process that transcends the mere allocation of assets; it is about ensuring your legacy, safeguarding your family’s future, and making certain that your wishes are honored in every aspect. At Khan & Manjlai, LLP, we understand the profound importance of shaping one’s legacy through meticulous planning.

An effective estate plan encompasses a wide range of tools and strategies, from wills and trusts to advanced directives and powers of attorney. These instruments not only dictate the distribution of assets but also address issues related to health care decisions, guardianship, charitable contributions, and business succession.

Our estate planning services focus on understanding your unique needs, values, and aspirations. We guide clients in making informed decisions about property distribution, tax minimization, potential guardianship for minors, philanthropic goals, and ensuring seamless business transitions.

In a constantly evolving legal and financial landscape, Khan & Manjlai, LLP is committed to crafting estate plans that offer peace of mind, flexibility, and protection against unforeseen circumstances. We’re here to help you craft a lasting legacy that stands the test of time, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones and the causes you hold dear.

Employment Law

Khan & Manjlai, LLP specializes in representing businesses in all facets of employment law. We understand that the employer-employee relationship is critical to the success of your company. That’s why we focus on proactive strategies to mitigate potential disputes, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect your business interests. From drafting robust employment contracts to navigating complex labor regulations and defending against employee claims, our team is dedicated to providing solutions that prioritize your company’s stability and growth.


With a distinguished track record of setting up and counseling over a hundred nonprofit corporations, Khan & Manjlai, LLP has solidified its reputation as a leading authority in nonprofit legal matters. Our depth of experience spans a wide range of nonprofit sectors, ensuring that organizations receive guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Nonprofit law encompasses the formation, operation, and governance of nonprofit organizations. While these entities operate with a mission-centric approach, they still face unique legal challenges. From securing tax-exempt status to understanding the intricacies of charitable giving, fundraising regulations, governance policies, and board member fiduciary responsibilities, we’re here to navigate it all. Khan & Manjlai, LLP’s unparalleled experience ensures nonprofit organizations can focus on their impactful missions while being compliant, efficient, and operationally effective.

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